God’s Most Reliable Envoys

In Hebrew, the word for angel is מַלְאַךְ malakh meaning “messenger”. The malakh is not a cute baby with white wings and a halo of blond hair. He looks like an adult human, but he is immortal and can move between heaven and earth. In the Bible, God uses his angels as emissaries who deliver messages to people. Oftentimes, these angels are not even recognized as supernatural beings because they look like normal people. 

The Grandest Adversary

Among the staff of heavenly beings that surround God’s throne, the Bible tells us about one being named שָּׂטָן‎ Satan, meaning “accuser.” Satan is not described as a hideous red-faced demon with horns, a tail and a pitchfork. He is not the incarnation of evil, and he does not live in the flames of hell. He is simply one of the members of God’s heavenly court who advises and sometimes disagrees with God. 

Reclaim the Original Bible

The idea of good angels versus evil devils developed gradually over the course of the centuries as Jews and Christians searched the Bible for hidden mystical meanings. These ideas are simply not found in the authentic words of the Bible. To really get to the bottom of what the Bible says, we need to start at the beginning... 

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