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There is probably no other book in the world that has been so argued about and as interpreted as the ancient Hebrew Bible. Why? Because it is complex. The complexity of the Bible hides within it wisdom that values much more than gold, characters we meet throughout over lives, and the secret ways of this world. However, in order to get to the generous treasure, we must have a map. And we must know how to read it. Our map to the Bible is its original language. Biblical Hebrew is in fact the key to the treasure chest. Once you learn it, you start to decipher names, places, events and even God's commands.

If you are willing to dig up and find the treasure, Biblical Hebrew is your map and our online course will teach you how to read it.
Enroll today and get the tools and the guidance that will lead you to the spiritual treasure you have been seeking your entire life.

Our Students' Reviews

"I can only say I'm enjoying it immensly!"
Sidney Smith, USA
"I am most excited to learn Hebrew from teachers who have a passion for the language and share it with professionalism, compassion and grace! "
André Van der Merwe, Canada
"I enjoy the multinational classrooms with a Hebrew speaking teacher & his great sense of humour. Very skilled teaching."
Katrina Pacey, Australia
"It has been fun, good materials, excellent teacher and a learning environment."
Kurt Chaffee, USA

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