The Hebrew meaning of sin

A new perspective with Biblical Hebrew

  • A Sin or a human error?

    The real biblical meaning of sin is not what you think. In Biblical Hebrew the root chet (חטא) actually means to be slightly off, to miss the mark. To Ancient Israelites to sin meant to make a mistake or to neglect one's obligation. For example, in Genesis 31, Jacob asks Laban, "What is my offense, what is my guilt chet (חטא) that you have chased me down?" This word, appearing almost 500 times in the Bible, is central to the biblical state of mind, where upholding one's covenantal obligations was paramount.

    When you read it in Hebrew, you get a new perspective of “sin” not as a blemish, but rather a human error. Fortunately, there is a remedy. According to the Bible, the sinful error can be corrected by strengthening one's relationship with God, seeking forgiveness and improving one's behavior moving forward. By reading the Bible in Hebrew, you can strengthen your relationship with the Scriptures. Enroll today in our live online course and get a new perspective on the Bible. 

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