Mount Moriah - From Abraham to Jesus
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Mount Moriah from Abraham to Solomon

Jerusalem’s Temple Mount is undoubtedly the holiest site in the Bible. But its real name - Moriah - is unknown to most people. It is first mentioned in the story of the Binding of Isaac, where God commands Abraham to “go to the land of Moriah” to sacrifice Isaac “on one of the mountains that I shall show you” (Gen. 22:2). Centuries later, King David purchased this very hill, paving the way for his son Solomon to build the First Temple on the same site (2 Chr. 3:1).

Understanding the holy name Moriah

According to the Bible, the name Moriah (מֹּרִיָּה) comes from the Hebrew word “to see” (ro’eh - רואה). After Isaac is saved from sacrifice, Abraham names the place Adonai-Yireh because “on this mount, the Lord is seen (yeraeh - יראה)” (Gen. 22:14). Another theory is that Moriah comes from the word “to teach” (yoreh - יורה) because it is here that God’s instruction - the Ten Commandments - were kept within the Ark of the Covenant.

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Whichever theory you prefer, it is clear that the sacred hill known as Moriah is very important to God. So much so, that he promised David that the Temple built on this site “shall be made sure forever before me” (2 Sam. 7:16). When you can read the Bible in Hebrew, you become part of this unshakable covenant between God and his people. Now is the time to return to the foundation. Enroll in our live online Biblical Hebrew course today!