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If you ever wondered about the true and deep meanings of the Hebrew Bible, this is the place for you! Teaching Hebrew is what we do best!
Israel Institute of Biblical studies is an online language academy that specializes in Hebraic languages, including Biblical Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, Aramaic and Yiddish. In our Biblical Hebrew courses, we explore the unique Semitic structure, its implications on meaning and the inherent connection between the Bible and its language. At the Israel Institute of Biblical studies, we believe in access. All of our courses are conducted online giving hundreds of thousands of students the opportunity to follow their passions and connect to the Holy Land from the comfort of their home.
Our courses are accredited by the Hebrew University. Enroll today and study the original language of the Bible with the best Biblical Hebrew teachers!

Our Students' Reviews

"I can only say I'm enjoying it immensly!"
Sidney Smith, USA
"I am most excited to learn Hebrew from teachers who have a passion for the language and share it with professionalism, compassion and grace! "
André Van der Merwe, Canada
"I enjoy the multinational classrooms with a Hebrew speaking teacher & his great sense of humour. Very skilled teaching."
Katrina Pacey, Australia
"It has been fun, good materials, excellent teacher and a learning environment."
Kurt Chaffee, USA

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