Where was Jesus crucified?

Biblical Hebrew uncovers the origins of Scripture

* Picture of Skull Rock on Golgotha Hill, Jerusalem
  • A Skull Shaped Stone

    The famous word Golgotha comes from the Hebrew golgoleth (גלגלת) meaning “skull.” It comes from the root G.L.L. meaning “round”, which is also the root of the word Galilee. The Aramaic equivalent, Golgotha, was applied to the hill of the crucifixion, because it was a smooth rounded white rock that resembled a human head. But this is not the only place that the word golgoleth appears in the Bible. 

    Taking a census of Israel

    In the Book of Numbers, the Lord commands Moses to take a census of the nation, “Take the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel…every male by their polls” (Num. 1:2). In Hebrew the word “polls” is golgoleth, literally meaning “by their skulls.” In days of the Bible, the best way to precisely take account of a large group of people was to count them, head by head. 

    Learn Hebrew for precise understanding

    It is very fitting that the death of Jesus took place upon a rock called The Skull, the most basic biblical symbol of counting. This shows that the redemptive death of Jesus on the cross does not merely provide salvation to humanity. It takes into account every individual person ever born. If you yearn to take account of the Bible in a precise manner, simply look to Hebrew - enroll in our live online courses today.  

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