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"… a wind from God swept over the face of the waters" (Gen. 1:2).
The Hebrew words, Ruah Elohim, describe God's presence in the beginning of Genesis. In Hebrew, Ruah means both wind and spirit. How do we know what meaning is used in this important verse?
The answer is actually in the verb that follows. The verb Merahefet occurs only once more in the Torah, expressing the utmost care, love and affection of a mother eagle that flutters (Merahefet) over her young and bears them upon her wings (Deut. 32:11).
A Hebrew reading of the Bible makes everything clear: a wind cannot express tender love, care and affection! A wind blows dispassionately and indifferently – while the Spirit of God caringly and lovingly flutters over His creation. This loving, passionate hovering that we see in Deut., in Genesis can only refer to God’s Spirit! 

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"I can only say I'm enjoying it immensly!"
Sidney Smith, USA
"I enjoy the multinational classrooms with Hebrew speaking teacher & his great sense of humour. Very skilled teaching."
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Kurt Chaffee, USA
"It has been fun, good materials, excellent teacher and a learning environment."
Kurt Chaffee, USA

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