The freedom of choice

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    Is this choice really so simple?

    What exactly does the Hebrew Bible mean when it says “choose life”? In the Bible “choosing life” is not just opposing death, but leading a meaningful life. The key is that we must make an active choice to introduce meaning into our lives. If a life of righteousness is forced upon us, it cannot yield the blessings which God has in store for us.

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    God’s choices

    The Hebrew Bible uses the verb בחר (bahar) - “choose” - very frequently. One might even argue that “choosing” is God’s most central action in the Bible: God “chose” Abraham to be the first patriarch (Neh. 9:7), He “chose” Israel to be his people (Isa. 44:1), and He “chose” Jerusalem as his city and David as his king (2 Ch. 6:6). Leading a divinely sanctioned life means mirroring this essential act of making good choices, “refusing the evil and choosing the good” (Isa. 7:16).

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    Make a meaningful choice

    The New Year is the perfect time to make meaningful choices. Every one of us can choose to amend our spiritual life by getting closer to the Bible. The most effective way of understanding the deepest meaning of the Bible is to unveil the curtain of translation and to choose to learn Biblical Hebrew - the original language of the Bible. Enroll in our live online Biblical Hebrew course and rediscover the Holy Scriptures.


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"Yes, I'm very satisfied, the teaching method is excellent and the teacher too"

Gritti Francis, France

"Absolutely love the course. It is challenging but in a good way. Very well structured. Shannon Schaffer is an excellent teacher and communicator and very patient."

Sarah Samules, USA

"I enjoy the multinational classrooms with Hebrew speaking teacher & his great sense of humour. Very skilled teaching."

Katrina Pacey, Australia

"It has been fun, good materials, excellent teacher and a learning environment!"

Chaffee Kurt, USA

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    The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies offers certification programs where students can become fully certified experts of biblical languages and studies. Students who take biblical language courses can also get university credits from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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