The Divine Power of Seven

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  • The Most Deeply Sacred Number

    Pretty much anywhere you look in the Bible you find seven. The number seven is mentioned over 700 times in Scripture. The Book of Revelation alone contains dozens of sevens – churches, bowls, lamps, seals, and the list goes on. In ancient Israel, the number seven was thought to be a symbol of divine perfection. As opposed to other numbers which derive their power from human endeavors, seven comes from God.

    The Sevenfold Spirit of the Lord

    What evidence is there for God’s identity being related to the number seven? If we look at the famous “branch of Jesse” prophecy in Isaiah chapter 11, we find that the Holy Spirit will come to rest upon the Messiah in seven distinct facets:

    1. “The Spirit of the Lord shall rest on him רוּחַ יְהוָה ruaḥ adonai
    2. The spirit of wisdom רוּחַ חָכְמָה ruaḥ hohma
    3. And understanding וּבִינָה ruaḥ bina
    4. The spirit of counsel רוּחַ עֵצָה ruaḥ etza
    5. And might וּגְבוּרָה ruaḥ gevura
    6. The spirit of knowledge רוּחַ דַּעַת ruaḥ da’at
    7. And the fear of the Lord” (Isa. 11:2) וְיִרְאַת יְהוָה ruaḥ yirat adonai

    Discover the Power of Hebrew

    Collectively, these attributes form the sevenfold essence of the Holy Spirit. When read in translation, this might seem like just a list of abstract qualities. But in the original Hebrew, the words form a spiritual package, exploding with power. When you can read the Word of God in the original Hebrew, new details suddenly burst with meaning. Enroll in our online Biblical Hebrew course today and allow yourself to appreciate the Bible in its fullness!

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