Welcome students of Trinity International University!  

You are invited to join the Israel Institue of Biblical Studies for a one-time offer to expand your Biblical knowledge horizons.

Together with Trinity’s endeavors of combining faith and learning by educating men and women to engage in God’s redemptive work, the Israel Institue of Biblical Studies is dedicated to making the Bible accessible to people around the world. These two missions converge to offer you a spiritual re-awakening. But hurry because this exclusive window won’t be open for long.  

Explore Biblical Greek Courses 

Take your academic achievements to new heights by becoming well versed in Biblical Greek. Our online courses will help you unlock the meaning of the New Testament hidden by centuries of translation. 

Participate in live weekly classes over a 9-month period with like-minded peers in a group setting. Our dedicated experts, with years of experience under their belt, pride themselves on supporting their students. They will introduce you to the pronunciation of Greek letters, verbs, and forms of speech as you acquire a new vocabulary to read your Bible in its original context. You can also make use of our extensive course materials to sharpen your critical thinking skills as you uncover substantial insights hidden in the Greek passages.

If you are passionate about Biblical study and languages, take advantage of this rewarding opportunity to learn in an engaging and nurturing environment. Fill in your details, click on the button, and we’ll be in touch to get you started on your journey.